30 days as a Hagenees

What’s it like to live in The Hague?
Three lucky ones are living 30 days as a Hagenees.

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All over the world, people lose sleep wondering: ‘What’s it like to live in The Hague?’ ‘What’s really behind all that freedom, peace and endless beach?’ ‘Are all Hagenesen really so pleasantly eccentric?’ Wonder no further. Three lucky ones will experience living as a Hagenees for 30 days and expand their dream.

30 days as a Hagenees

This is how we called all young professionals from all over the world to come and try out The Hague for 30 days. From over 400 applications, a jury picked three lucky ones. These 3 will develop a blueprint for living like a Hagenees – complete with free accommodation, work experience and lots of recreation. They'll do the rest. What will they create? What will they discover? Will they leave their old life for good and stay in The Hague? Let us introduce to you:

Live 30 days as a Business Hagenees

Meet Bas Deelman. This super friendly creative entrepreneur from Groningen has the ambition to change the world. Groningen has its limits, so he’s looking for a likeminded, ambitious city that will feed his needs. We’ll introduce him to entrepreneurs and start-ups, in the Caballero Factory for instance. Follow his 30 day adventure from May 22 till June 20 at:


Live 30 days as a Creative Hagenees

Meet Vincent-Paolo Corputty. This enthousiastic, modestly cool producer has already made a big name for himself in Amsterdam. As a DJ/producer, but his first love is producing music for film. And Hugo Boss, Patta, HighSnobiety and Nike are just some brands that'll pop-up while scrolling through his portfolio. That’s why we’ll hook this ambitious creative up with the like-minded and all who are open to collaborate with this talent. Follow his 30 day adventure from May 1 till May 30 2017 at: https://www.instagram.com/vincent_paolo/

Live 30 days as a Non-Profit Hagenees

Meet Lianne de Bie. This smart and adventurous girl just finished her master Earth and Environment, specialised in water management. She’s just back from a big trip in Costa Rica, so let’s see what The Hague can still offer her. We’ll bring her in contact with new inspiring initiatives here. Follow her 30 day adventure from June 1 till June 30 at:


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