4Impact biedt hulp aan duurzame start-ups

Meet Ali. He is the co-founder of 4Impact. This organization invests in sustainable companies. Ali has a background in space technology and gained experience abroad at various companies. After all these experiences, it was time to return to The Hague. "It's time to give something back to the world," Ali said. The result? 4Impact was born! Be Hague spoke to Ali and discovered more about the beautiful concept of the Hague-based company 4Impact.

The birth of 4Impact

Ali, the co-founder of 4Impact, has a background in space technology. As such, he worked at several international corporate companies abroad. Until he thought it was time to return to The Hague. There he wanted to give something back to the world. Together with his associate Pauline, Ali then came up with the idea of supporting European start-ups in 2017. "We worked out the idea and in 2018 we founded 4Impact." 4Impact is a "venture capital fund. They invest in start-ups that manage to combine a positive impact on sustainability and software against financing.

Building sustainable start-ups

Ali and Pauline want to support sustainable and environmentally friendly start-ups financially, commercially, and strategically with 4Impact. This certainly does not include building a team and putting together a good HR department. By offering this help, 4Impact wants to create solutions in the areas of environment, well-being, and inclusion. The ultimate goal? To accelerate the process towards a sustainable world.

Knowledge from around the world

4Impact has an international team, with employees from all over the world. It employs specialists with software experience who understand technical aspects, such as blockchain and big data. Together with other specialists, who have experience in, for example, setting up a business model, quality and experience complement each other nicely.

4Impact not only helps start-ups, but also works with other organizations, investors, and partners. After all, together you are stronger and will achieve the process of creating a sustainable world faster.

Based in The Hague

Ali feels like a fish out of water in The Hague with his 4Impact. It is the city of technology, innovation, and software. It is a city with an active municipality committed to sustainable impact. It is also a safe city and The Hague is easily accessible from other major cities. "But don't forget the beach. How nice is it to hold a business meeting with your feet in the sand? You gain inspiration while watching the waves of the water and that's how you come up with innovative ideas," Ali said.

Talk to Ali from 4Impact during Impactfest

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When? November 15th, 2022

Where? Fokker Terminal

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Published on Wednesday 26 October, 2022 / Impact