Nowadays, many people, companies and cities are working on sustainability. The municipality of The Hague is also doing a lot to make our city more sustainable. What steps is the city taking on becoming more sustainable? And what can you do yourself? Find out soon!

The Hague becomes more sustainable

In July 2022, The Hague made €100,000 extra available for green roofs. Good news for individuals, companies, VvEs, associations and other organisations that want to get started with a green roof in 2022. There is plenty of room on Hague's roofs. Solar panels, a green roof or a vegetable garden: a sustainable roof is good for your wallet and contributes to a nice and future-proof city, because being sustainable is better for the world and its future.

Another way to become more sustainable is from the ground up. The soil in The Hague is very suitable for geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is the heat from the earth that can be used to heat households. The company 'Haagse Aardwarmte' develops and operates that source. This year, through Eneco's heat network, Hague Geothermal Heat will be able to supply heat to two thousand homes in The Hague South-West. After this, there is room for further growth to about four thousand homes. The municipality is investigating whether geothermal sources can also be installed at other locations in the city.

Tips for becoming more sustainable yourself

Would you like to become more sustainable yourself? There are some tips that may seem obvious, but can already have a big impact on the environment. Like separating your rubbish, taking shorter showers or cycling more often instead of driving. But what else can you do?

Consume less

Do you really need that one piece of clothing? Marketing these days stands for a lot of consuming and the rapid change in trends makes you constantly want to buy new items. But is this really necessary or is your current wardrobe actually still fine? Lately, young people have visited thrift shops much more, which we think is a very good difference to see. This way, clothes get the love they deserve for longer.

Reduce plastic use

Do you buy your cucumber with or without plastic around it? It is of course better to buy it without plastic. That way you get less plastic waste. It's all in the little choices you make. At the Hague market, vegetables are little to never packaged; a good point to think about.

Reducing heating costs

It helps to take shorter showers, not leave the tap running when you brush your teeth and use less heat in winter. What does this mean for the world when you do this? Maybe not so much when only you take this step, but imagine for a moment that the whole of The Hague does this, the whole province or even the whole country! This does have a huge impact on sustainability.

Need more information about making your home more sustainable? Call (070) 353 99 31 or (070) 353 32 81 (Mon: 1 pm to 5 pm, Fri: 9 am to 5 pm) and make an appointment with a sustainability advisor and help The Hague improve the world.

Published on Tuesday 27 September, 2022 / Impact / Humanitarian Affairs