The Hague, the city of peace and justice, is not only a place of historical significance and political influence, but also a vibrant center for innovation and entrepreneurship. For example, it is home to ImpactCity, the heart of The Hague's startup scene.

ImpactCity is a unique initiative of the municipality of The Hague that supports innovative entrepreneurs and startups working on solutions to social issues.

Here, sustainability, social impact and economic growth are key. 

As a young professional or entrepreneur, you will find an inspiring environment in The Hague that welcomes and encourages your ideas and ambitions.

A unique platform for networking

The annual ImpactFest is the crown jewel of ImpactCity. This event attracts visitors and participants from all over the world and provides a unique platform to network, learn and innovate. Workshops, panel discussions, and pitch sessions create a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere. Not only will you be inspired by success stories, but you will also get practical tools to make impact yourself.

ImpactCity's strength lies in its community of like-minded people. Here you will find a network of experienced mentors, potential business partners, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs who share your vision. The city offers access to a wide range of facilities, from flexible workspaces to innovation labs.

The Hague understands the power of collaboration and community. By creating an environment where everyone is welcome to contribute and learn, the city encourages synergy and innovation. The doors are open to anyone with a passion for change and progress.

ImpactCity is not just a place, it is a movement. It is an invitation to you, the entrepreneur of tomorrow, to be part of something bigger. Whether you're looking for a place to grow your startup, or just want to be inspired by innovative ideas and sustainable solutions; you'll find it in The Hague!

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Published on Thursday 2 November, 2023 / Impact