Juridische opleidingen op het ROC Mondriaan

The Hague is the city of peace and justice. The city where they resolve conflicts between countries peacefully. Here various international organizations work hard to keep the peace. There are also plenty of educational institutions in The Hague that offer legal training. The educational institutions in our city offer several engaging law schools. We zoom in on two interesting mbo programs that may be of interest to you as a future legal student. After all, where better to do your law education than in the international hotspot of peace and justice?

MBO 4 Legal Administrative Assistant

In the Legal Administrative Assistant program at ROC Mondriaan, you will learn to assist in the legal preparation of documents. You will also learn to maintain contact with clients and deal with various legislation. During the course, you will learn about the different areas of law, tax law, labor law, social security, and management information.

A legal administrative assistant can work at various institutions after graduation. Think of government institutions, such as the municipality. You can also work at companies, such as a notary or law firm.

MBO 4 Social legal assistant

A social legal assistant enjoys helping people through legal support. In this role, you must be developed not only within the field but also in the social field. During your training, you will gain knowledge about different areas of law and learn to understand the importance of clients' interests.

In this profession, you will often deal with clients who suffer from personal problems. Think of debts and family matters. Therefore, during the training, you will learn how to act in such special situations. After training, you can work, for example, as a debt relief worker or as a probation officer.


In 2022, the number of laws and regulations in the Netherlands will have increased enormously, and more and more will continue to be added. As a result, the number of legally well-educated people is scarce. This offers many opportunities and possibilities for you as a student. Companies and government agencies are looking for personnel with a completed education in the legal sector faster than before. Therefore, this high demand creates many job opportunities for you.

To-do list

Do you like the idea of getting started with a legal education? Then there is work to do. Because how do you choose the appropriate education? Well, this is how!

1: Get your bearings. Read up on the subject and compare courses with each other. Make a list of the different courses and write down the pros and cons.

2: Take your friends or family to the open days. To get a better idea, it is advised to visit educational institutions. You can then ask the teachers and specialists questions. This way you will paint a better picture for yourself.

3: Do not wait too long. When you finally find the right education, make sure you enroll in time. Educational institutions often have an admissions process.

Want to know more about legal education programs? Then check out the ROC website.


Published on Wednesday 28 September, 2022 / International Rule of Law / Legal & Policy / Humanitarian Affairs