Tom maakt je enthousiast voor ImpactFest 2022

Meet Tom de Heus, head of events at Unknown Group. Together with his colleagues, Tom helps entrepreneurs solve the problems and challenges of the future. Within Unknown Group, Tom organizes various sustainable events. In doing so, they help "Founders to fix the future," he enthusiastically tells Be Hague. Unknown Group invests in sustainable businesses in various ways, so that solution-oriented companies can grow sustainably. Sound interesting? Then go have a chat with Tom, during ImpactFest 2022!

Bringing together a large network of innovators

Tom and his colleagues are busy finding solutions to sustainable problems. For this, they have built a large network of different innovators. "It is important to bring this network together. This is how we come up with new impactful ideas together," according to Tom.

In early 2023, Unknown Group will therefore open a special location in The Hague. Here they will bring together everyone with a positive sustainable impact. The intended result is that all parties involved will communicate with each other more easily in this way. They solve all kinds of problems under one roof. By brainstorming together, all entrepreneurs make each other better.

Unknown group teaches you the craft of entrepreneurship

"Unknow Group came about because the founders felt that too few people were thinking entrepreneurially," Tom tells Be Hague. The founders, therefore, started their campus: the 'Global School for Entrepreneurship'. Here they offer motivated entrepreneurs the chance to develop themselves.

Small companies are the future

"We believe that large companies cannot yet solve the sustainability problems. It is precisely the small companies that we need in the future," indicates Tom. A sustainable future with a focus on water, energy, and food is important for all of us. Unknown Group does not want to go for something that grows very fast and has quick results. Instead, Tom wants to invest with Unknown Group in beautiful companies that make an impact in their way and have more influence on sustainability in the long term.

The hague is the place to be

Unknown Group feels at home in The Hague. This is partly because the founders come from this beautiful city. Yet the company also worked in Rotterdam for a while. But after three years, the organization homesickly moved back to The Hague. "After all, all the innovations take place here."

It is also important to give something back to The Hague. "We have a lot to offer to our city. We are ambassadors and enthusiastically tell international organizations why The Hague is the place to be. For example, we organize the Global Meeting. This is a big event that previous times took place in countries like Germany, Colombia, and Singapore," Tom says proudly. This year is extra special because the Global Meeting takes place in the Netherlands. And not just in the Netherlands, but in The Hague! This year's Global Meeting will take place during ImpactFest 2022, on November 15. As many as 120 entrepreneurs are coming to The Hague to work on sustainable issues.

We face a bright, sustainable future

"The future looks bright, with many innovative solutions to problems, which currently seem unsolvable. I believe in that!" Tom tells Be Hague. However, it is important for all to contribute. "If everyone contributes, we are going to have a bright future."

Talk to Tom from Unknown Group during Impactfest

Would you like to meet Tom? You can! Then sign up for ImpactFest, on Nov. 15, 2022. You can sign up at Especially for students and young professionals, there is a reduced rate. You can buy a startup ticket for only €15 instead of €45.

When? November 15, 2022

Where? Fokker Terminal

Tickets? €15,- for startups and students via

Published on Thursday 27 October, 2022 / Impact