Puike Plannen
(great plans)

Follow the winner of Puike Plannen and find out how The Hague becomes even better!

The residents of The Hague have spoken! The winner of Puike Plannen is Yaron Menneken with his plan ‘Below the Bridge’. His ‘puike plan’ was the most popular amongst voters.

Puike Plan: Below the Bridge
Een self supporting clubhouse on the Nieuwe Parklaan, by the water between two bridges. A place to meet up and chill. With sports lessons, small electric boats and a coffee corner/lunchroom. A social meetingplace without financial gain. That’s the plan of Yaron and his business partner Vincenzo Kramer in a nutshell.

Getting started
Yaron has a difficult task ahead of him with the execution of this plan. He has to show his talents as an entrepreneur; he not only has to deal with the Municipality but also with organizations like Hoogheemraadschap Delfland and of course with the residents near the location. So, more than enough challenges. Yaron will be advised by a team of experts to help with the realisation of his plan.

The Hague has spoken
Following the announcement of the three finalists of Puike Plannen, it was up to Julia, Annemarie en Yaron to campaign to get votes for their plan. And this turned out to be successful; the campaign videos reached no less than 269.000 people, 7500 people voted and lots of ‘Hagenaren’ and entrepeneurs stood up as ambassador to support their favourite Puike Plan.
Follow Yaron!
Follow the facebook page of Be Hague to keep updated about the developments surrounding the realisation of the Puike Plan ‘Below the Bridge’ and follow the process of bringing this plan to execution.

[Puike Plannen (Great Plans)]: A competition between ‘Hagenaren’ to come up with the best idea to make the city of The Hague even more attractive.

This is the jury

  • Joop Buyt

    Joop's idea for a floating chip shop wasn't totally successful. But he did manage to become chairman of the jury of Puike Plannen. If the jury can't decide, Joop has the final say. Because of his typical ‘Haagse’ character and features, he’s the public face of the competition.

  • Rebekka Keus

    Rebekka is half Mexican and half Dutch, is musical and chose to come and study and live in The Hague because of its international character and location by the sea (even if the climate is slightly cooler than she's used to). As a relatively new ‘Hagenaar’, the perfect person to judge the ‘puike plannen’.

  • Michael Schmitz

    Michael was a professional surfer for many years and is the founder of Surfbenelux. He's obviously very attached to the 11 kilometre coastline of The Hague. Fun fact: Pat Smith from the Hague band Splendid is Michael's brother. How much more ‘Haags’ can you get?

  • Gökhan Tercan

    Gökhan works for the Rabobank and uses his knowledge of commerce and finance to ensure that the jury doesn't choose any plans which are not feasible. So prevents any flights of fancy. But his main focus is how plans might be made possible.

  • Olga Wielders

    Olga is one of the driving forces behind The Hague Tech, the breeding ground for start-ups in The Hague's tech scene. Knows everything there is to know about innovative business and how whizz kids and hackers are increasingly playing a key role in the economy of The Hague. No further explanation required as to why she's an important jury member.

  • Justin Verkijk

    Justin is a radio DJ and producer, you can hear him daily on the morning show on Den Haag FM. He’s also a presenter on several music festivals. The perfect guy to judge if a plan can amaze and amuse.

  • Sjoerd van Schuylenburch

    Sjoerd is the night mayor of The Hague. And who better to assess whether a ‘puik plan’ can really help make The Hague even more attractive? Sjoerd is our guarantee that the jury will bear in mind the exciting side of The Hague.