City behind the dunes

The Hague’s coastline is amazing. But behind the dunes you will find a city that’s well worth it all by itself. With a population of over half a million, The Hague offers every imaginable amenity, along with a bustling cultural scene. There are cinemas, theatres, restaurants, bars and clubs, and of course a wide variety of shops, ranging from big brands to cute little boutiques, from low-budget to high-end. Most of all this is concentrated in the city centre. This is where you’ll find The Hague’s history – the beautiful canals and narrow alleys – but also the modern architecture and high-rises that give the city its impressive skyline.

Irene: "You know what I love about The Hague? It’s a big city, but it doesn’t feel anonymous in the slightest. It’s an incredibly friendly place."

If you’re looking for a good night out , you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on the Plein and Grote Markt, which are always bustling. These squares have the highest concentration of pubs and terraces in the city, and they are also the hubs of The Hague’s party scene. If you’re heading out, make sure to visit the music venue Paard van Troje. The best concerts and parties are held here, all year round. The Hague also has a rich festival calendar. From May to October the city hosts an array of music, dance and theatre festivals.

Although The Hague has all the perks of a big city, it never gets overwhelming and there is a pleasantly laid-back atmosphere. That’s one of the things that are unique about The Hague, and locals consider it among the city’s biggest assets. Even in the city centre there are plenty of quiet spots if you’re looking to get away from the crowds for a bit. The Hague also feels surprisingly compact. It’s easy to find your way around. The only thing you need is a bike. You can criss-cross the whole city, and before you know it, you’ll know the place like the back of your hand and feel truly at home!