A surfer’s paradise

No other large European city offers such great conditions for surfing. Whether you’re into kitesurfing, windsurfing or wave surfing, The Hague is a true surfer’s paradise. The Dutch weather may not always seem great, but in fact that’s exactly what makes The Hague so popular among surfers. There’s generally a good wind blowing, and usually from the right direction, which means lots of great kite or windsurfing sessions. The Hague is also a fantastic place for wave surfing. The conditions for a decent swell are excellent along the coast. And if the wind isn’t up or there are no waves, you can hang out and relax in one of the chilled beach bars.

Hans: "The Hague is the number-one surfing hotspot in the Netherlands and Northwestern Europe."

There are two important surfing spots along The Hague’s eleven-kilometre coastline. The first is the Scheveningen surfing beach. On good days, surfers of all shapes, sizes and abilities come together here and the sea becomes one giant playground. The fact that several national and international surfing competitions are held here is a testament to just how great a surfing spot this is. It’s a renowned location with excellent facilities. Right behind the beach, you will find surf shops, numerous beach bars and a pleasant promenade.

The second important surfing location in The Hague is the Zandmotor (‘Sand Engine’). This unique coastal location is situated south of Kijkduin and consists of a large stretch of artificially-raised beach with a lagoon. In recent years, the Zandmotor has become a real hotspot, particularly for many kitesurfers. The lagoon is not only an excellent place to learn to kitesurf, but it’s also the perfect spot for pros to try out their most extreme freestyle tricks. And if it’s getting a little too busy for you or you’d rather catch some waves, then all you have to do is cross the beach to get to the sea. One thing is for sure: it’s a very versatile area!  

Many locals already know that, for its unrivalled surfing opportunities alone, The Hague is a city like no other. What could be better than jumping on the board for a great surf session after work? Only The Hague offers you this kind of adrenaline rush!