Peace and justice

The Hague is a truly international city which is home to more than 350 international organisations. As a centre of government, The Hague is the logical place for embassies and consulates from all over the world. But The Hague is not just a hub of politics and diplomacy – dozens of international organisations working for peace and justice are based here. Over the years, The Hague has built a strong reputation in this field, and it’s one of the things that makes the city truly unique. Would you like to work on creating a better world? You’re in the right place in The Hague!

Christophe: "Because everyone working in the field of peace and justice wants to be here, the discussions with colleague's have a really high standard."

The dozens of organisations based in The Hague that focus on peace and justice are very diverse, including important intergovernmental organisations arising from international treaties between countries. The Peace Palace houses the International Court of Justice, the official judicial body of the United Nations. Here, conflicts between countries are settled in a peaceful manner. Another important international organisation located in The Hague is the International Criminal Court. This is where individuals go on trial for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Hague is also home to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. This Nobel Prize-winning organisation works hard towards the prohibition of chemical weapons. 

Due to the presence of prestigious intergovernmental organisations, many non-governmental organisations have also established themselves in The Hague. Independent of countries and governments, they focus on a wide range of different issues, from international law to security, and from developmental cooperation to peace. The Hague’s reputation as an international hub for peace and justice also attracts knowledge centres, educational institutions and research institutes. These institutions also make an important contribution to a peaceful and just world.

The international organisations in The Hague provide a relatively large proportion of the jobs and unique career opportunities to be found here. Would you like to work on creating a better world? If you have a background in international governance, international law or international relations and diplomacy, The Hague represents a world of opportunity for you!