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In The Hague, international organisations and business have a positive humanitarian impact on the world. Innovative ideas and technology help in this regard.

The value for 'Hagenezen'

In The Hague, many international organisations deal with various humanitarian issues. Issues such as fighting poverty, providing emergency aid in natural disasters, improving healthcare and refugee problems are discussed. These issues go hand in hand with technology. The bright minds in our city are helping with drones s, for example, using drones to track down victims. Food production is also getting help as digital money reaches farmers directly. Many entrepreneurs see opportunities in this, creating more jobs for you as a Hagenaar!

The impact for the outside world

More and more people in The Hague are coming to the conclusion that protecting the international rule of law should go well with humanitarian action. If welfare improves, every person can live together peacefully. This makes The Hague an important location for international organisations fighting problems such as poverty, refugee problems, poor healthcare and natural disaster consequences. Through modern technology, innovative solutions to these problems are being developed. The Hague is showing that it has a positive impact on humanitarian action with creative ideas!

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Through modern technology, The Hague shows that you can creatively have a positive impact on humanitarian action.


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