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Are you already on your way to becoming carbon neutral? Not all the sources we use to generate energy are endless. This makes it necessary to look for sustainable solutions. For example, using windmills to generate energy but also using solar panels to generate energy. The Netherlands' goal is to be CO2-neutral by 2050. The Hague wants to achieve this as early as 2030. That's why our city is extra concerned with sustainability.

On the way to a CO2-neutral footprint

Our planet is valuable. We want to enjoy it for a long time to come. With this in mind, sustainable solutions will have to be invented soon. Certain sources of energy are running out or harming the environment. Switching all of us to clean energy is a great start. But to have a carbon-neutral footprint, more needs to be done. Namely, there must be a balance between the CO2 we emit and that which is filtered from the atmosphere. The Hague is taking several steps to achieve this.

The municipality of The Hague is playing an active role in the energy transition. There are various subsidies available, for example, to make your home more sustainable or advice from an energy coach. Working together to ensure that the city remains liveable for as long as possible; is the goal!

Sustainable The Hague

We all create a sustainable The Hague. Giving future generations a clean and liveable environment, but also thinking of our health. The Hague organizes various debates and dialogues on sustainability. There are also many initiatives to help make it more sustainable.

In The Hague, you will find various neighborhood projects. For example, help plant trees or become an energy coach and help others in their sustainability process. Get involved and do your bit. Together we can make The Hague CO2 neutral.


Did you know? One of the sustainability projects is the construction of the 'longest facade garden in Europe.


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