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The city of The Hague is a vibrant place where many organisations are committed to making a positive social impact. Working in the Impact sector in The Hague therefore offers many opportunities and possibilities to contribute to a better world.

The Impact sector is broad and encompasses different types of organizations, from non-profits to impact companies and even large corporations committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. What these organizations have in common is their commitment to positive change. Consider, for example, organizations committed to promoting equality, sustainability, health, education or culture.

One of the advantages of working in the Impact sector in The Hague is that you directly contribute to a better world. You work on projects and initiatives that make a real difference in people's lives. In addition, the people working in this sector are often passionate and driven to make a difference. This makes for an inspiring work environment in which you can grow and learn.

Networking with impact

Another benefit of working in the Impact sector in The Hague is that there are many opportunities to network and collaborate with other organizations and professionals. The Hague has one of the most connected and fastest growing Impact communities in the Netherlands. In our city, startups, scale-ups, international companies, institutions, NGOs, impact investors and impact companies have exceptional networking opportunities with potential investors, government, academic organizations and policy makers. Examples of innovation hubs in The Hague are Campus@Sea, Titaan and Apollo 14. But municipal initiatives such as Smart City and the Living Lab are also among those working on technological innovations in the security domain. There are also many events and (networking) meetings where you can meet other professionals.

Impact entrepreneurship in The Hague

The Hague is a city that offers plenty of opportunities for impact entrepreneurship. More and more entrepreneurs are focusing on solving social problems and creating sustainable solutions. For example, The Hague has a network of impact entrepreneurs who support and strengthen each other. There is also a lot of attention to impact entrepreneurship from the municipality of The Hague, with various initiatives and programs. For example, there is the ImpactCity program, which focuses on innovative businesses with a social impact.

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Did you know? One of the sustainability projects is the construction of the 'longest facade garden in Europe.


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