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International Rule of Law

It is important to focus on the international rule of law. The Hague is the hotspot where different organizations fight against conflicts between countries and try to keep the peace.

In The Hague, you see many agencies related to the rule of law around the world. Many of these bodies meet in the Peace Palace and give the International Court of Justice a chance to settle legal conflicts. There are also plenty of educational institutions, companies, and IT&Tech talents in our city that is doing their part to make the world a fair place. This creates many jobs and work opportunities in The Hague. As residents of The Hague, we can be proud of our city's international position!


That The Hague is the "City of Peace and Law" manifests itself in several ways. First, different people work on international law. For example, there are many important buildings such as Europol, The International Court of Justice, the International Court of Justice, and many more in our city. Also on a continental scale a big impact. Europol is a good example of this. This a multinational organization that is the partnership of the police forces of the European Union.

Another example of our international influence is the Peace Palace. Within this building, there are several agencies. Its purpose? To resolve international conflicts. Behind all these beautiful buildings lies a deeper story with a special history. This all contributes to why we can call The Hague the "City of Peace and Justice. That we have so much international influence is certainly something to be proud of.

The impact on the outside world

Together with New York, The Hague is the most important UN city in the world. More than two hundred international organizations work in The Hague on solutions for a just world. Government leaders also come to The Hague for important meetings. This position makes The Hague the ideal city to protect the rule of law internationally.

A Rich History

The established institutions, organizations, and buildings are the physical manifestation and reminder that The Hague is the city of peace and justice. But The Hague is more than that. Consider the city's history. In 1899, Russia's first peace conference was held in The Hague. During this conference, peace was discussed for the first time without war. This was groundbreaking for this period. This makes this event an important pillar for the beginning of The Hague as the "City for Peace and Justice. After this conference, the first international body was established in the field of peace and law (Permanent Court of Arbitration).

Thus, The Hague is the perfect city to pursue a study related to peace or law. For example, do you want to study law? Then The Hague is the place to be. This is all thanks to this rich history.

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In 1899, the first peace conference was held in The Hague. This is considered the starting point of The Hague as the 'City for Peace and Justice'.


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