Start-ups in The Hague

Do you have an innovative idea or are you a commercial genius? The Hague is the perfect place for you to start out as an innovative young entrepreneur! The Hague offers excellent opportunities for start-ups. Many young entrepreneurs have already chosen to make the city their home. Their success stories are not only a testament to the strength of their ideas: they also show that The Hague has an excellent climate for start-ups

Koen: "What's really nice about The Hague is the fact that as a start-up we are able to connect with the government in a very direct and easy way."

In The Hague you’ll find a large number of international organisations that are working towards a better world. By joining in their efforts, start-ups have an excellent chance of not only achieving commercial success with their innovative ideas and products, but also contributing to finding solutions for major social issues. The fact that The Hague is a government city also helps foster a great climate for start-ups. In The Hague, politicians and the government make decisions that shape the future of the Netherlands. Young entrepreneurs can’t just contribute to this process by proposing exciting new ideas – they can also help to make these plans a reality.

There are many successful examples that demonstrate that The Hague’s ecosystem works well for start-ups, resulting in innovations with social impact. Examples range from the development of gliders that generate renewable energy to a system that processes big data into practical visualisations for humanitarian aid; from sustainable seaweed cultivation in the North Sea to a solution to the problem of plastic waste in the oceans. These are innovations by The Hague-based start-ups that can be used all over the world.  

If you launch a start-up in The Hague, you won’t be on your own. The Hague has an extensive range of facilities to support young, innovative entrepreneurs. There are regular events in the city where young entrepreneurs can inspire each other to come up with great new ideas and initiatives. Accelerator programmes also help start-ups to take their plans to the next level. Are you going to be the next big success story from The Hague?