Laakkwartier and Spoorwijk

Mikkie B

The Hague is where I grew up. It’s a city of many opportunities. I have many different interests and don’t want to commit to just one thing. I want to get better at everything I enjoy and The Hague has given me the opportunity to do just that. I was able to develop, first as a breakdancer and then as a musician. The Hague is a lively place, and despite being a big city has a personal touch to it.. You will soon find yourself to be part of a huge network of people with whom you can work on whatever you’re passionate about. Talent needs room to grow and thrive, and I’ve never seen so many opportunities in one city as there are here!

Mikkie B: "The thing I love about the Laakkwartier is that within two minutes you can either be immersed in greenery or smack bang in the centre of the city.”

Living in the Laakkwartier, I can enjoy all of the advantages of this extraordinary city without having to be in the middle of all the bustle. I really like that! There’s a lot of nature close to where I live and I can reap the benefits of that whenever I go for a run or a walk. While on tour with my band in Europe and the US, I got to know quite a few other cities. Last year I was in Los Angeles. The Hague is like a village by comparison, but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. Here, you can take advantage of all the perks of big-city life without there being a sense of anonymity. In all the cities I’ve visited, I’ve never experienced the kind of atmosphere you get in The Hague. I’m Mikkie B, professional musician, and I live in the Laakkwartier. Whatever you want, it’s waiting for you right here in The Hague!

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What you need to know about Laakkwartier and Spoorwijk

Minutes from the city centre, on the former site of The Hague’s inner harbour, you will find a diverse area with a no-nonsense vibe: Laakkwartier and Spoorwijk. In recent years, the area has undergone a great deal of development. Key features of the district include The Hague University of Applied Sciences and ROC Mondriaan. They are at the centre of The Hague’s thriving student scene. Almost half of the district’s residents are between the ages of 20 and 45. The population includes people from many different cultures, but what’s striking about this area is its core group, the ‘Hagenaren’ – locals who have been living here for a long time, sometimes generations – and who are strongly attached to their neighbourhood.

Over the next few years, the area will see a lot of development around the old inland harbour (Laakhaven), providing plenty of space for living, working and relaxing. The historic cranes on both sides of the water, and the RAC Halls (the former site of the Rijks Automobiel Centrale), recall this area’s industrial past. Laakhaven will become a true haven for pioneers, starters, students and global citizens, with attractive and affordable housing, and space for private individuals to build on their own plot of land. There will even be a marina with city apartments and large live/work dwellings on the quay.

Goeverneurlaan is the central artery of the neighbourhood, dotted with shops, supermarkets and restaurants. This area was developed according to a plan by the renowned Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage. More and more entrepreneurs are setting up shop in this area, drawn to the business opportunities offered by its young population. The city centre is within close range by bike. If you want to relax, you can go to the Hof van Heden, a beautiful city garden, or hop on your bike and ride to one of the old parks in Rijswijk. If you’ve got a green thumb but don’t have a garden of your own, you can rent an allotment on Hildebrandplein.

Price range
In Laakkwartier and Spoorwijk, the average WOZ (Valuation of Immovable Property Act) value is €165,915 for family homes and €105,482 for apartments (2015 price level), making this district one of the most affordable places to live in The Hague. Around 27% of the homes are private rental properties. Over the past few years, the rental price for newly-available properties has often been lower than € 900 per month. 30% of newly-available properties rented for less than € 650 per month.

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