I’m Robin and I live in Scheveningen, less than five minutes’ walk from the beach. I’m originally from Rotterdam. I’m passionate about surfing, so I set out to find the perfect place for me to live in the Netherlands with that in mind. I had done a lot of surfing in Hoek van Holland, which is a lovely, peaceful place to surf, but I couldn’t see myself living there. I love peace and quiet, but I also need a large city within close reach, where I can go and soak up the urban bustle when I feel like it.

Robin: "I can’t think of a better place for my daughter to grow up."

When I met my girlfriend, she was already living in The Hague, which was all the more reason for me to go there. We now live with our daughter in a lovely house in a quiet courtyard, just behind the beach. One of the things I really like about Scheveningen is its wonderful village-like atmosphere in which people still greet each other on the street. There are plenty of nice spots. For example, there’s the Pier, which has been completely renovated and boasts an array of wonderful eateries, cafés and even a Ferris wheel for a unique view of the city and the sea. Keijzerstraat is lovely, with convenient shops such as HEMA, a pharmacy and a supermarket. There are also plenty of cafés and restaurants to be found here! 

As a surf photographer, surfer and father, I feel completely at home in Scheveningen. For my surf photography, it’s important that there are good surfers in the water, and you do find most of them in Scheveningen. Six months ago, I joined forces with someone else to produce a Dutch surf magazine ( Many people have no idea that you can surf in the Netherlands. We wanted to show people that you can get the same waves in our humble North Sea as you can find in Hawaii, Indonesia and France. They won’t ever be as high as in the Atlantic, but there are plenty of nice days, fortunately. As a local surfer from Scheveningen, I feel the surfing opportunities here are perfect. There are so many great places here!

As a father, I can think of no better place to raise our daughter than the street we’re living on now. She can happily play on our doorstep with no danger of any cars roaring past. It’s just a short walk to the beach, so we essentially have a giant sandbox right outside our front door, and with playgrounds and a petting zoo close by too, we’re never for want of options.

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What you need to know about Scheveningen

In Scheveningen you will find dunes, beaches and the sea all within walking distance. If you live in Scheveningen, you can enjoy all this natural splendour every day. Go for a walk on the beach at sunset, hit the waves for a surfing session, or relax on a towel with a good book. Scheveningen features many houses that date back to before 1916, but there is also a lot of 1930s and 1980s architecture. If you’re in the mood for something different from the dunes, the beach and the sea, Scheveningen also borders an area that boasts a number of beautiful parks, including the Scheveningse Bosjes, Westbroekpark and Hubertuspark. Scheveningen consists of the Dorp (‘Village’), Haven (‘Harbour’) and Bad (‘Bath’) areas, each with their own distinct character.

With its characteristic Old Church and Keijzerstraat, Dorp is a social hub for many residents. Some parts of  Dorp have retained their authentic fishing-village character, with densely clustered courtyards and quaint narrow streets. Keijzerstraat is the oldest and most historic shopping street in Scheveningen. There are many small shops and eateries, but also a large supermarket.

Scheveningen Haven (‘Harbour’) has three different faces. The first inner harbour is the fishing port, where fresh fish comes in every day. This area has a distinct rugged vibe. The second harbour is a little more upscale – this is where the sailing boats are moored, and it’s surrounded by an array of nice cafés and restaurants. Here you will also find modern apartment buildings with stunning views of the waterfront. The third inner harbour is a unique development area, which will see the construction of various types of housing over the coming period.

Scheveningen-Bad boasts the historic Kurhaus Hotel, a cinema and the Circus Theatre. These, together with the beautiful revamped promenade and the many beach pavilions, make this area the tourist hub of Scheveningen. However, locals, too, often find themselves gravitating toward this area with its pleasant bustle to enjoy a night out or just go for a stroll.

Price range
In Scheveningen, the average WOZ (Valuation of Immovable Property Act) value is €308,239 for family homes and €186,811 for apartments (2015 price level). Around 24% of the homes in Scheveningen are private rental properties. Over the past few years, the rental price for newly-available properties has been more than €650 per month.

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