Hello! I’m Irene and I’m proud to be living in a lovely house in the Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague. I’ve lived in The Hague all my life, moving from district to district until three years ago, when I became a real Zeeheld (‘naval hero’). At the time, I’d just enrolled in a degree in Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art, and I wanted to live nearby but not in the busy city centre. I’ve just graduated, and this part of the city still suits me perfectly.

Irene: “The Zeeheldenmarkt  is held on Prins Hendrikplein every Thursday. This is a great place to buy fresh and sustainable produce.”

The Zeeheldenkwartier is a lovely neighbourhood, which is close to everything and easy to reach on public transport and by bike. For a busy bee like me, that’s essential. It’s easy for me to race back and forth between my studio, where I work alongside a range of fellow artists, and all the other nice places in town. I’ve got access to everything I need: the gym, the roller derby rink, my favourite yoga studio, the Palace Gardens to chill out in, the beach to sunbathe on, the sea to swim in, my friends, and of course the big Albert Heijn XL  supermarket. 

You might think that you can find everything you need in such a big supermarket – and you wouldn’t be wrong – but the Zeeheldenkwartier offers even more than that. There are different farmer’s markets on Prins Hendrikplein and the surrounding streets on a regular basis where you can buy sustainable, organic produce. The Zeeheldenkwartier is also a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. The district is characterised by its many designer boutiques, vintage shops, cute cafés, yoga studios and much more. What else can I say? Welcome! Come on over and check it out for yourself! We’ll grab a coffee, alright? ;-) 

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What you need to know about Zeeheldenkwartier

The Zeeheldenkwartier is a compact, historical and lively district that’s very popular among the residents of The Hague. This area has a distinct vibe of its own, brimming with creativity and dynamism. This is largely due to the many young entrepreneurs and professionals that are based here. The Zeeheldenkwartier has attractive streets, beautiful canals, sunny squares and stunning art nouveau architecture. The majority of the homes were built before 1916. It’s a diverse area featuring both affordable and expensive homes: from large mansions to charming ground-floor or upstairs apartments that are more modest in size, and even a few historical courtyard houses. The impressive Peace Palace is also situated here.

Most of the amenities are located on Prins Hendrikstraat, Zoutmanstraat, Piet Heinstraat and Anna Paulownastraat. You won’t find the usual chain stores here, but rather authentic little shops, cute cafés, galleries, clothing stores and trendy design shops. And if this isn’t enough for you, the city centre is just a short stroll away. The local residents and entrepreneurs based in the area organise a range of street markets and events such as the Zeeheldenmarkt and the Zeeheldenfestival.

Tucked away in the neighbourhood, the Zeeheldentuin is a true green oasis for when you want to escape the bustle of the city. Furthermore, you’re just a short distance away from Park Sorghvliet and the Scheveningse Bosjes, or you can have a picnic or go for a walk in the Palace Gardens.

Price range
In the Zeeheldenkwartier district, the average WOZ (Valuation of Immovable Property Act) value is €432,344 for family homes and  €175,223 for apartments (2015 price level). Around one-third of the homes in the Zeeheldenkwartier are private rental properties. The rental prices have varied greatly in recent years, ranging from under €650 per month to more than €2,000 per month.

Zeekheldenkwartier on the map

Zeeheldenkwartier in cijfers