Creative sector

The Hague has a large creative sector with many job opportunities for young professionals. The basis for this is the presence of internationally-renowned institutions such as the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatory, making The Hague an important breeding ground for the next generation of artists, graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers, musicians and dancers – creative young professionals who really have a chance at establishing a successful career in The Hague. After all, the city’s thriving creative industry and many facilities offer plenty of opportunities for a creative career.

Wesley: "Hotspots like Bink36 make for a very attractive environment in which creative companies can find each other with ease and help each other out."

Scattered around the city, you will find hotspots such as the Caballero Fabriek and Binck 36. These are old industrial complexes that have been transformed into trendy creative breeding grounds, offering an inspiring and accessible environment for creatives. Be it multimedia, graphic design, photography, advertising, IT, communications, events or architecture, the creative sector in The Hague is incredibly diverse. There are plenty of options if you want to pursue a career in the creative industry!

The creative sector gives colour to the city both literally and figuratively, and is very important for its attractiveness and liveliness. With exhibitions, performances and festivals, artists and musicians create the lively cultural scene that helps make The Hague stand out. Isn’t it great to be able to contribute to that?