The Hague Security Delta is the largest security cluster in Europe. The network’s roots are in The Hague, but it extends throughout the greater area around the city and far beyond. Within this network, an array of businesses, knowledge institutes and government agencies work together on innovation and knowledge development in the field of cyber security, forensics and national security. The Hague Security Delta network consists of 406 companies that together provide 15,200 jobs. Their total revenue builds up to 2.27 billion euro. The Hague Security Delta includes leading names such as KPN, Fox-IT, Capgemini, the Dutch Forensics Institute, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and Delft University of Technology.

Rickey: "The great benefit of The Hague Security Delta is that a lot of institutes and companies are so close to each other which makes working together really easy."

The Hague Security Delta offers fantastic career opportunities for talented professionals, from academics with a Master’s degree in Cyber Security from Leiden University’s The Hague campus to self-educated whiz kids. Within The Hague Security Delta, there is a need for both generalists with great strategic insight and top-level IT specialists.

The world of security is growing at a rapid pace. Increasing digitisation and the threat of terrorism mean that the need for adequate safeguards for digital networks, organisations and communities will only increase going forward. The Hague Security Delta develops concrete solutions to address this issue, to which you, also, could make a contribution.

The Hague Security Delta has its own campus in The Hague. This is an international innovation centre with flexible office space, high-quality facilities for education and training, and ultra-modern labs for serious gaming, real-time intelligence and incident training. It’s an inspiring working environment and the perfect place to further develop your skills!