Job opportunities

The Hague offers many attractive career prospects. You can find jobs in a variety of directions here. There are some specific sectors that set The Hague apart from other cities.

Karolina: "I enjoy being in The Hague. The city has so much to offer."

Chances are you'll find your dream career in The Hague. And do you happen to find just what you are looking for here after all? The Hague is part of the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam The Hague. This makes it part of the most metropolitan and densely populated area in the Netherlands. As a result, you can reach up to 1.8 million jobs within 45 minutes of travelling from The Hague or find a huge market for you as a young entrepreneur to conquer!


The Hague international city of peace and law. The Hague is home to many international organizations working for a just and safe world. From UN organizations that administer justice in international conflicts to organizations aimed at promoting democracy in countries where this is not yet self-evident. If you work in this sector, you make a concrete contribution to a better world. Meaningful and honorable work, in other words!<a


Characteristic for The Hague is that it is the national government city. Besides being the center of national politics, The Hague houses many ministries and government agencies. Therefore, with more than 35,000 jobs, the government is a major employer in The Hague. And among all those jobs are a whole host of exciting positions that give you the chance to work on the future of the Netherlands.<a


The Hague is also strongly represented in the technology sector with The Hague Security Delta. The Hague Security Delta is Europe's leading security cluster and consists of numerous companies, governments, knowledge institutions and research institutes. From the HSD Campus in The Hague, they are engaged in cyber security, forensic science, protection of vital infrastructure and urban and national security. Work that requires the specialized knowledge and expertise of professionals at the forefront of their fields.


The Hague has an attractive climate for startups. The city gives ample space to young pioneers whose companies focus on innovations with social impact. A good example is Boyan Slat who with his initiative 'The Ocean Cleanup' is working from The Hague on a solution to the problem of plastic waste in the oceans. Do you also have what it takes to step off the beaten path and get started as a startup in The Hague?


The Hague is the place to be when it comes to humanitarian business and innovation. Here you will find a diversity of large and small (international) organizations working on various humanitarian issues.